Why can’t I see the Starter button that lets me access starter armies and kingdoms?

Because you did choose a player color for yourself. Please change your color to red or blue and then you will see the Starter button.

Why is the information on my cards wrong?

Because you have not downloaded the updated card images. Open the Configuration menu, uncheck “Mod Caching” option, and recreate or reenter the game room.

Why are my cards missing the buttons for mana, damage, etc?

Because you did one of the following:

  1. Clicked the Begin Battle Phase button before you finished placing all units on the battlefield.
  2. Stacked two or more cards with buttons on top of one another. (This “kills” the buttons.)
  3. Loaded a saved game.

You can fix this by dragging the buttonless cards onto the pad with the big red X at the bottom right of the map (relative to the red player) and then clicking Reapply Buttons. If you are in the main Legacy’s Allure mod then you will not the aforementioned pad and buttons until you clicked the Advanced button at the right of the map.

If you are not able to reapply buttons then you can still use the dice at the side of the map to track various mana, damage, etc.

Why are large buttons covering the play area?

We do not know what causes this glitch, but to fix it, the room host will need to simply reload the mod by clicking the Games button in the top left menu and clicking Legacy’s Allure under Workshop.

Why is the Begin Battle Phase button still present even after I clicked it?

This is a glitch that we think is caused when a player who didn’t create the room clicks Begin Battle Phase. You can rewind time using Ctrl + Z in order to return to the moment before you clicked this button. Have the room creator click the button.

Why is the last column (Kaladrix) in the starter dialog missing?

This is due to your computer resolution settings being too low to display all columns. Choose a higher resolution.