Discord Tournament Format

  • Version: See changelog
  • Format: Swiss
  • Rounds: 3
  • Timing method: 25 minutes per player with 10 second simple delay
  • Kingdom / Army size
    • Standard: 160 / 80
    • Blitz: 80 / 80


These rules apply to all official tournaments.

  • Each player may only bring one kingdom.
  • If using Tabletop Simulator, each player must create their kingdom using the Card Creator before each match.
  • If a player asks their opponent to state their last move, their opponent must do so.
  • If an illegal move from a previous turn is discovered or the game state was manipulated (intentionally or unintentionally), a judge must be called. The judge will assess whether:
    • Actions ought to be undone to return to the legal game state. (Issue warning)
    • One or both parties ought to receive time back on their clock. (Issue warning)
    • The offending player ought to be disqualified. (Issue game loss.)
  • Time controls
    • Players start the clock after determining the attacking player.
    • If a player runs out of time, exhaust all units under their control, exhaust any unit that would come under their control, and do not refresh any units under their control at the start of a round. If both players run out of time, immediately proceed to checking the standard victory condition.
    • A player may only pass priority after they have resolved ALL effects in their turn (adding damage counters, adding tokens, removing cards from the battlefield, etc.). If a player is “rushing” to make moves, resulting in a confusing board state, a judge may be called to assess whether this is the case and issue either a warning or a game loss depending on the severity.
    • A player’s action is considered finalized after they pass priority to their opponent. Players may verify the outcome of the action and then take back that action so long as they have not passed priority.
    • If a player takes multiple turns in a row, they may reset the delay at the start of each turn.
    • The clock may be paused under these circumstances:
      • At the start of rounds, when units are refreshed and triggered events occur.
      • When a judge is called.

Rules Interpretation

  • Judges have the final say on the meaning of a card’s text.
  • Not all information relevant to a text’s interpretation is stated on the back of a card. The Comprehensive Rules should be considered as well.