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Version 1.2

Balance Changes

  • Ultraknight
    • Ultraknight may charge units with steadfast.

Version 1.1


  • Tethir Fletcher
    • Allied Pathing. When an allied ranged unit within 4 range attacks during your turn, if this unit is not exhausted, you may pay 1M. If you do, give that unit Piercing, Net Shot, or Hook Shot this round. See back. Use this ability only once per round. This ability does not stack.
  • Grovekeeper Druid
    • Nature’s Call – 3M/3R: Summon an exhausted Treant to target hex.
    • Safe Haven – 1M: Move Relocate target allied unit to a hex adjacent to a Treant you control.
  • Troll Shaman
    • Back of card: Bloodthirst requires the player to pick X different modes.
  • Skorg Sorcerer
    • Back of card: Only the enraged unit must be within Enrage’s cast range.

Balance Changes

  • Tristan
    • Steadfast
  • Deepwood Enchantress
    • Beguile – 2M/3R: Take control of target enemy unit until the end of your next turn this round.
  • Skorg Sorcerer
    • Enrage – 1M/2R: Combinable. Target enemy unit attacks target unit you control this turn, if able. You cannot use this ability during the first round.
  • Crag Behemoth
    • Crag Behemoth cannot be moved by enemy effects.

Version 1.0

    • This is the version manufactured for the February, 2022 Kickstarter campaign.