Honor. Chivalry. Most of all, stability. The free world has long known Arengard as a bastion and ally for all God-fearing humans and creatures of the world, a liberator of the oppressed and terror to the unjust. Whatever uncomfortable secrets lie beyond the lightwashed chapels and effervescent tapestries have been suppressed to keep the ideal of this proud nation exalted. And exalted they should be! What other nation claims Archangels as volunteers in their ranks? What other nation produced the legendary general Athanasius Felgard? What other nation pushed the demon kings back to the fomenting abyss? Royal griffins and weather-wielding wizards fight alongside stalwart swordsmen and renowned longbowmen. Few will deny the effortless versatility of the Arengard war machine. Fewer still have faced off against their finest knights and lived to tell about it.

Tristan, Oathsworn Captain

“God will be my strength.” Tristan looked to his left. No one. He looked to his right. No one. His men had fallen back. They called his name in desperation, hoping their captain would join their flight. He would not, for he knew the cost of retreating. He knew what was expected of him in that moment. With most allied forces routed, only one battalion remained to resist the Gath onslaught until reinforcements arrived: Tristan’s battalion. Many would falter in the face of such terror, but not this man. Not on this day. He remembered his own father, the ill-fated Kendrick Rhys, charging into the orcish hordes on the fields of Pellmore. Yes, he swore to his dying father that he also would taste death before surrender. So he gripped tightly his father’s sword, that hallowed blade once wielded by kings of old, still a glutton for the blood of Arengard’s enemies. And on that day, it feasted.


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Divine Favor 1

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Divine Favor 2

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Divine Favor 3

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Shield Bash

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Aurelia of the Golden Dawn

No mortal knows her real name. Rumored as the commander of the first angelic regiment, she led Arengard troops in the vicious assault against the Twelve Legions of Hell at the end of the Second Millennium, fixing her name forever in the songs sungby free people. Then, she disappeared, called home again as quickly as she was sent. When she returned, no one recognized her, for her purpose was not to be served but to serve in the mission appointed to her by her Creator. The paragon of humility and justice, few bear the sword against evildoers with such precision. Perihelion is the name of her weapon, directly imbued with the sun’s fervor to smite those marked out for perdition. No mortal knows her real name, but all mortals know her legendary name. The name that passes their lips when they behold her glory. The name that passes their lips when they accept their fate: AURELIA.


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Sunstrike I

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Sunstrike II
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Sunstrike III

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Solar Aegis

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Sun's Fervor

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Non-Hero Units


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Apprentice Wizard

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Longbow Archer

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Spellcradle Seraph

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Tempest Mage

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Skyreign Pegasus

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Elite Swordsman

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Adept Tempest Mage

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High Priest

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Frost Maiden

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Royal Griffin

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Dawnbringer Paladin

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Battering Ram

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Heavy Knight

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Grand Wizard

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