The forest is not just home to the elves, it is their soul. An elf that strays too far from Deepwood will eventually wither and die. So it is with the centaurs, hippogriffs, elks, bears, and dragons that fight under their banner. During times of peace, all of Sylvan embrace a proud sectarianism that rivals the separation between factions themselves. During times of war, all of Sylvan unites against those who would encroach upon their verdant domain. Three elvish sects lead their army: the Tethir, whose deadly archers claim the bow as the quintessential elvish weapon. The Norfang, who prefer swords, knives, and glaives to deliver their silent attacks. Lastly, the Deepwood, who remain loyal to the life-giving magic at the heart of their heritage. The combination of their powers is a force of speed, stealth, and cunning, causing the heart of every enemy to sink when Sylvan warriors appear on the battlefield.

Anwyn, Restoration Sage

Call Anwyn Ilvana a warrior in her presence and she will bristle, perhaps even scorn you. Life, not death, is the aim of her powers. Where her hands work, the weak are rejuvenated, the helpless are rescued, and the strong are brought low. Only her desire to protect the mysteries of Deepwood eclipses her pacifist inclinations. The pride and star of Deepwood, her brilliant intellect and purity of devotion earned her the title of Sage after barely sixty years of training. Now just one-hundred and twenty years of age, her youth is reflected in the vigor of her thaumaturgy. Even the mythical Naziri dragon-mages, it is claimed, can barely match the breathtaking speed with which she manipulates the magical elements. Though rarely seen in the course of battle and though wielding no sword or bow, few warriors feel the presence of another leader more strongly. From her hands, allies blossom into victory and enemies wither into defeat.


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Nature's Bosom

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Quicken I

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Quicken II

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Quicken III

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Quicken IV

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Quicken V

Quicken V

Kaladrix, the Fiend Hunter

Kaladrix Joran. No name stirs up more emotion within Sylvan. Indisputably the most deadly warrior ever produced by the controversial Norfang clan, many remember the last time hunters began to love killing more than the heritage they swore to protect. Kaladrix owes his loyalty to the Deepwood Council, but suspicion is unavoidable toward one so efficient in his craft. Little is known about him outside of Sylvan, though one account involves a band of rogue humans that usurped a secluded corner of Tethir forest, killing several scouts in the event. The reprisal began that evening: only an old man survived, spared out of mercy, no doubt. He remembers his forty comrades dying one at a time, two at a time, sometimes even three at a time. He remembers the futility of the arrows fired and of the shields donned. “Blink, and you’d miss it,” the man recalls. “How many were there? One? Five? Ten? How does one count that which he cannot see?”


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True Strike

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Blade Echo I

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Blade Echo II

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Blade Echo III

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Non-Hero Units


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Glade Hawk

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Taunting Satyr

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Deepwood Protector

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Tethir Archer

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Deepwood Sentinel

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Tethir Fletcher

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Norfang Hunter

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Deepwood Mystic

Deepwood Mystic Mystic

Norfang Sorcerer

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Centaur Guard

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Norfang Great Hunter

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Tethir Grand Archer

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Silverglade Dryad

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Ursa Minor

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Silverglade Ranger

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Norfang High Sorcerer

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Deepwood Elder Mystic

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Norfang Champion

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Grovekeeper Druid

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Hippogriff Archer

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Ursa Major

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Deepwood Enchantress

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Bull Elk

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Thorn Elemental

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Tethir Bowmaster

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Green Dragon

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