So many people were involved in making Legacy’s Allure what it has become. In chronological order:

  • My children. I wanted to make a game that would honor you and bring us countless hours of fun together, and I hope I have done that.
  • JRR Tolkien, John van Caneghem, Richard Garfield, IceFrog, and Blizzard Entertainment. Legacy’s Allure is my love letter to your worlds.
  • Sam Casto. You were my sounding board for so many ideas and offered so much great insight and feedback as I hammered out the core ruleset.
  • Dice Age Games. In December of 2019 I took a hand-made paper version of LA to Dice Age Games in Vancouver WA. A few people kindly tried it out: Jeff, Evan, Richard, Jamie, and Roy (the owner). Your reception is what made me realize that I had something worth pursuing.
  • Jeremiah “Lycanis_Whitewolf” Stiles. I will never forget our summer of playtesting LA in person. Thank you for the help and the laughs.
  • Devyn J, David R, Eli L. You bridged the gap between friends and family caring about LA and those with no obligation toward me caring about LA. That encouraged me a great deal.
  • Mechanic”. You liked what you saw and you offered to help us with modding. The rest is history.
  • Mpire, Laro19, Dex. Hard to overstate how much I appreciate you. You’ve formed the core of our online playtesting community from the beginning. Greatest moment of my days as a game designer might be releasing Sylvan to a tiny discord server in December 2020 and seeing mpire and lars, just for the fun of it, play with the new cards for three hours. What a moment of validation. Dex, I could fill a small book with all of the ways you’ve contributed and encouraged me. Suffice to say that this game has your fingerprints all over it, and is better for it.
  • Nurse, Tybalt, Henry. You played in our earliest tournaments and offered great feedback.
  • PaperWeightGames, Noxious, Shelfside, Lewis Woodhouse, and Speedrobo. You were some of the first “industry experts” I reached out to and you all provided tremendous encouragement, because I know you’re all straight-shooters who would have told me if the game was bad.
  • Speedrobo (again). Like Dex, your abilities and contributions are too numerous to list here. Your enthusiasm was genuine and your support immeasurable. You stepped up to the plate and never backed down. You offered moral support without being obsequious.
  • Jacob L. A tremendous pleasure to work with you as you finished your game design degree. I could always count on your insight and I always love knowing your opinion. Your skill and wisdom is beyond your years.
  • Nameless, Gravy. When our EU players were in bed, there you were, willing to play games in the evening with me. Will never forget that. Appreciate your insight and encouragement so much.
  • Vesper, Tomasz R, Mikhail P. Your tremendous skill at your craft made LA beautiful and visually stunning. What a privilege to have worked with you all.
  • Chris “cdubs” W. You showed up late to the party but just in time. You saved the day. The biggest “Fine, I’ll do it myself” moment in LA’s development.
  • To the other early playtesters that offered insight, feedback, and encouragement: Chase M, ReadySteadyPlay, ThereIsNoTry. Thank you!


Soli Deo Gloria