Legacy’s Allure is a customizable, card-based wargame with no randomness. Command warriors, beasts, and mages on the battlefield to outplay your opponent in this chess-inspired fantasy duel. Game length is roughly 60 minutes.

One of the best, if not the best card/war games out there. Great gameplay, great community, no randomness and not pay2win

Bobbmon, Sweden

If you’ve always wanted chess but with card-game elements, definitely give this a shot. These mechanics are super well done.

Shelfside, California, USA

A refreshing take on the wargaming genre in a way that’s accessible to people new to this type of games but deceptively hard once you get into it.

Lars van der Boere, Utrecht, Netherlands

I have played so many games and haven’t found another that does so many things right at once and checks all the boxes.

cdubs, Mansfield, OH, USA

My friend just got back from Paris and we played it non-stop for 6 hours! All on the preconstructed kingdoms.

Drevoed, Russia

This is a great game with well thought-out mechanics.

Kartoffel, Germany

No randomness or hidden information … refreshing for a game in this space. The cards are fun and made me want to try to combine them in various ways to try different strategies.

The game has a really strong sense of what it wants to be, and what it doesn’t want to be, and that gives me a ton of confidence in the design and direction of the game.

TCG Academia, Canada

Super-solid, very elegant. Game is legitimately good.

This game’s pretty incredible. I hope you see a lot of success.

Great game with a great community. Fun for casuals and for those looking for a challenge. Infinite strategies and combos to play with.

nohavenameiwant, Nowhere, SD, USA

A game that speaks to my soul.


Have played it for a year and enjoyed every moment of it.

Max Willemse, Utrecht, Netherlands

Fantastic design! This game has so much depth and replayability and is just a breath of fresh air.

This game is SO well designed! I’ve played a lot of 1-vs-1 competitive skirmish games, and Legacy’s Allure has probably the most depth in tactics and strategy of all.

thereisnotry, Ontario, Canada

A great game with an amazing amount of depth.

I ordered before the demo, but now I’m 100% sold. You have a great game here; easy to learn but I can tell it will take a lot to master.

SitaDulip, SC, USA

Brilliantly balanced strategy game with depth to keep you coming back over and over again but also easy to understand and approachable.

Every match up is intense and the gameplay is next level.

Just_Add_Misplay, USA

Finally, a game with all the depth of a wargame, but the portability and set up of a TCG.

Speedrobo Games, Mattoon, IL, USA

This is very good. Definitely space in the market for a competitive game like this.

Howitzer120, Moscow, ID, USA

Easy to understand, easy to innovate with, and hard to master. The draft is really well done and I like the idea of a custom faction that you design.

TheMadRatter, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Choose Your Hero



A dutiful, fearless captain who is not afraid to go face-to-face with the biggest of foes thanks to his array of disabling spells and high durability. If you’re looking to have the last man standing on the battlefield, Tristan will not fail you.

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A divine warrior who smites her enemies using the power of the sun, Aurelia is one of the most versatile heroes available, with the ability to protect her allies, snipe enemies from afar, or charge right into the thick of battle.

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A sadistic orc wizard hellbent on destruction at any cost, Kaar’thul lays waste to his enemies with massive lightning damage, high-risk, high-reward combat buffs, and global auras that will make enemy mages weep.

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When you need a one-orc army, Argog is who you call. A blademaster who can carry out swift single-target strikes or decimate his entire surroundings, he is able to output massive combat damage while healing his wounds on the go.

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Control the flow of the battle from afar with the fastest spellcaster in the land: Anwyn. Her unique built-in passive ability lets her unleash a flurry of defensive and manipulative spells that keep allies protected and enemies at bay.

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Terrorize the battlefield with Kaladrix, the infamous elvish commando. Whether you want to assault the back line using his high mobility or slice through the front line defenses, Kaladrix is sure to bring any opposing army to its knees.

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