Below is a quick reference for the factions, followed by a more detailed description.

  • There are 10 factions planned. I do not want to spread themes too thin. For example, if players clamor for faeries, gnomes, or merfolk, they will need to be integrated into an existing faction rather than having a new faction created. Adding more factions would also make the color scheme confusing, as certain factions would feel redundant.
  • Race refers to the primary species that leads that faction. Some factions might be led by heroes from multiple races.
  • The aggression and complexity ratings have a lot of room for error. Nearly every faction will have some potential aggressive or defensive strategy they could use, though some factions are better suited for one or the other. Likewise with complexity. Complexity refers more to the mechanical complexity than the ease of playing the faction.


  • Notable tribes: Fenholt, Pellmore, Cairnway
  • Inspiration: Castle (HOMM3), White and Azorius (MTG), Gondor (LOTR), Humans (Warcraft 3)
  • Theme: Knights and castles. Nobility and chivalry. Honor and duty. Stormy weather.
  • Strengths: Well-rounded.
  • Weaknesses: Lack of mobility.


  • Notable tribes: Balazan (adjective)
  • Inspiration: Humans (Warcraft 3), Dwarves (LOTR)
  • Theme: Mountains, mining, metallurgy, mechanization, machines.
  • Strengths: Good AOE, high damage, high armor, fire damage (DOT), good ranged.
  • Weaknesses: Lack of healing and preventative spells, low mobility.


  • Notable tribes: Tethir, Norfang, Deepwood
  • Inspiration: Rampart (HOMM3), Lothlorien (LOTR), Green and Selesnya (MTG), Night Elves (Warcraft 3)
  • Theme: Fast and aggressive elves with strong ranged and medicinal powers. Emphasis on restoring things to their natural state.
  • Strengths: Maneuverability, healing, disables.
  • Weaknesses: Lack of direct damage or destroy spells.


  • Notable tribes: Drazil (adjective), Kavu (type of beast), Baloth (type of beast)
  • Inspiration: Fortress (HOMM3), Beastmaster (Dota), Night Elf (Warcraft 3), Green and Gruul (MTG)
  • Theme: Expensive, heavy-hitting, ferocious creatures.
  • Strengths: Self-sufficiency, usually go first in a round
  • Weaknesses: Weak flying and ranged, can get kited due to lack of actions


  • Notable tribes: Orphean (adjective)
  • Inspiration: Blade Runner, Bene Tleilax (Dune), Morphling (Dota 2), Simic (MTG), Gaia’s Stepdaughters (SMAC), Navi (Avatar)
  • Theme: Biomancy, mutations, shape-shifting, cloning, experimentation
  • Strengths: Offers a unique counter to many armies, good defense, good at nullifying certain types of threats.
  • Weaknesses: Low synergy with other factions, no direct damage or destruction effects.


  • Notable tribes: Naziri (adjective)
  • Inspiration: Izzet (MTG), Conflux (HOMM3)
  • Theme: Extremely intelligent dragonoid wizards that command powerful dragons and cast powerful spells. Adept at mind control.
  • Strengths: Excellent spells and cast range, strong flying.
  • Weaknesses: Susceptible to mana burn and silence, expensive spells.


  • Notable tribes: Watu or Wapenzi
  • Inspiration: White (MTG), Mardu (MTG), Serengeti, Kenya
  • Theme: Sun, light, endurance, energy, striking the enemy first, outlasting
  • Strengths: Mobility, Good mixture of physical and magical damage, lots of actions, good at exhausting / outlasting enemies.
  • Weaknesses: Little direct damage, weak ranged units, weak defense, weak area control.


  • Notable tribes: Vesuvian (adjective), Skorg (adjective)
  • Inspiration: Stronghold (HOMM3), Red and Rakdos (MTG), Mordor (LOTR)
  • Theme: Overwhelming, self-sacrificial onslaught.
  • Strengths: Charging. Anti-healing. Strong magic and physical damage.
  • Weaknesses: Lack of armor, weak ranged units, few healing options.


  • Notable tribes: Olcan (adjective), Druuni (adjective), Drow
  • Inspiration: Riki, Drow Ranger, Phantom Assassin (Dota 2), Black and Golgari (MTG)
  • Theme: A dark, filthy jungle where rogue elves and assassins live, and have hired other jungle creatures like trolls to fight for them.
  • Strengths: Excellent single target attacks, poison damage (DOT), good ranged, good escape and elusive techniques.
  • Weaknesses: Terrible AOE and defense, weak flying.


  • Notable tribes: Kradic (adjective)
  • Inspiration: Undead (Warcraft 3), Necrophos (Dota 2), Black (MTG), Zerg (Starcraft)
  • Theme: Undead, vampires, zombies, necromancy. Cold and ice.
  • Strengths: Powerful spells, massed creatures.
  • Weaknesses: Struggles without good reanimate targets, little direct damage (mostly destroy or sacrifice effects), weak ranged.